• That will be a tool for the Body of Christ. To date, most places of significant Spiritual interest (‘wells’) are known only by a few people locally, we are hoping that will change all that.
  • It is our vision to see as much information as possible on this website, about how and where God has moved across the United Kingdom in the past, so that Saints will know what happened in any particular area where they are ministering.
  • That Saints will pray more effectively over an area to open up the ‘well’ and usher in revival.

There are two parts to this website: UK Christian Heritage and Spiritual Wells

UK Christian Heritage

Christians all over the UK have either forgotten or are not interested in our Christian Heritage. It is very important that we remember what the great saints in the past did because:

  • Every time we speak or read about our Christian Heritage we are giving testimony to the work of Jesus. Rev 19:10, ‘For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.’ So we are in fact prophesying that it will happen again.
  • The greatness of the UK is found in its Christian Heritage. Over recent years this has been under attack by the Government of the day, so we need to understand our past, so that we can stand up and oppose any attack on our Christian values.
  • We have to understand what God has done in the past, so that we can see what He is doing now and understand what He will do in the future.
  • We can learn useful lessons from revivalists and reformers of the past and be inspired by their example

At any one time you will see some complete entries and some that are partially complete. It is unlikely the site will ever be complete as there is so much information that could be put on.

Spiritual Wells

Clearly the term ‘well’ means different things to different people but in this context it generally means:

  • A place where the Kingdom of God has come on earth and
  • A place where the Kingdom of God remained after the initiator had left and
  • A place where the effect was felt outside the immediate area and/or people would travel from outside the area to visit

An example in the Bible is Bethel in Gen 12:8; Gen 28:12. Often the well cannot be accessed because it is full of rubble (sin) so we need to re-dig the well (Gen 26:18-22).


At the time of writing this (December 2010) the UK is seeing the beginnings of a move of God. What this will turn out to be is unknown at present; perhaps a refreshing/renewal, perhaps a revival, but hopefully an awakening and a reformation.

What are the differences between these? Everybody seems to have a different opinion, so what is written here is just one opinion.

As you read the hundreds of accounts on this website you will see that virtually all of them are called revival. In most contexts ‘revival’ meant a ‘revival of religion’. It must be remembered that for a long time virtually everybody went to church on Sunday, so when a revival of religion came to a community it touched virtually everyone. Everyone was brought up with religion as a greater or lesser part of their lives, so when a revival came, religion in many was revived.

However, everything changed in the 20th century with attendance at church and Christian education declining rapidly, so now when a move of God arrives in church it only touches a small percentage of the country. So what are we now to call a move of God that comes to a church?

There was a temptation to say that we must drop the word ‘revival’ completely, as it really only relates to a very few people who just turn up in church because it is the thing to do. However, the word has been used universally for centuries, so it would be difficult to drop it. Therefore, our suggestion is to give a general move of God the name ‘Revival’, but break it down as follows:

  • Refreshing/Renewal. This is when there is an outpouring which touches active Christians in the church.
  • Revival. When the move of God touches the ‘back-slidden’.
  • Awakening. When the revival moves out beyond the church to the unsaved or when the unsaved come to the church and are ‘awakened’ to the existence and love of God. A problem with this is that the word ‘awakening’ has up until now been used to describe a worldwide revival, such as The Great Awakening of the 1730s, but this is a new day.
  • Reformation. When the outpouring is so extensive that the society of the town/region/nation is reformed. Characteristics of this will be pubs closing, crime markedly decreasing and laws changing.
  • Transformation. When a Christian society is formed. Where there is no need for prisons, little divorce and 90% of the population are Christians.

You will find that definitions of these words will vary greatly depending on whom you speak to, so it is important that in conversation we are clear as to who means what.

This website also records many sites that are not strictly ‘wells’ but are of historical interest; also places where there is residual anointing where a Martyr has sown his life into the ground and places where anointed men and women have been buried (Elisha 2 Kings 13:21).

If this is the first time you have used the site it would be advisable to go to the ‘Help’ page which will help you navigate the site.

We pray that this site will be a blessing to you.