We've designed the site to be intuitive to use. However, we've put together a list of helpful hints below to help you get the most out of UKWells.

Searching for Wells with the main map

Finding Wells near a particular location

In the search box immediately below the map. Choose the radius of the search by clicking the "distance" dropdown, then enter the location in the "Location…" box. Then click "Search".

Finding a particular Well

In the search box immediately below the map, enter the name (or part of the name) of the Well you're looking for. Then click "Go"

Using the "Categories" filter

If you only want to find a particular type of Well, you can filter all results by choosing one or more Well types in the Categories menu below the main map.


Well Types

Here's a full list of Well types:

  • National: marks where a national or semi–national revival occurred
  • Regional: marks where a regional revival occurred
  • Local: marks the location of a local revival
  • Individual: these are places that have been visited by a particular individual
  • Martyr: marks the location where someone was martyred
  • Place Of Interest: marks the location of a place of interest

Related Wells

Wells can be related to other wells if they are both connected with a particular Revivalist (or Revival). The "Well Info" box that lists all the details of the Well will show if it is connected with a Revivalist (with a link to that Revivalist) plus links to all other Wells related to that Revivalist. Often, the best way to "follow the trail" is to read the biography of the Revivalist first, then read through the related Wells to get a more detailed picture.


Sometimes a Well is connected with a particular person from history or part of a particular revival. A lot of the Revivalists recorded on the site have a biography and a list of related Wells. Use the links to explore the places these heroes visited and read about what God did through them in these places.