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Travailing Prayer - Birthing Revival

Travailing Prayer has brought breakthrough into revival on several occasions, but today it is little known about, which is why I have written this booklet.

Karen - I have to say there really is an anointing on this, my spirit gets so stirred when I read. I find myself “eating” it more than reading it. I find this to be highly inspiring and gripping. It carries with it the ability to spark and ignite hunger, as a true testimony should. My spirit was groaning as I read. It is a wonderful tool!

Baptism of Fire for Revival

I have been studying the Baptism of Fire for about twelve years and as time has gone by my understanding has grown. If we are Holy, the Lord can use us more powerfully to help bring about the transformation of this nation that we so desperately need.

Pastor Simon - ‘I believe there are always places and subjects in the scripture where the Holy Spirit abides and highlights at set times and seasons. I firmly believe Michael has located such a subject here in his book Baptism of Fire! This book is well researched and rooted in real life accounts of God radically transforming peoples lives. The Body of Christ urgently needs this powerful gift again. I believe as you read this book God will ignite a hunger and impart faith for you to pursue and receive this powerful gift! This is not just a book, it’s an invitation to an encounter with the fire of God!’