Prepare for Revival (New Edition)

Prepare for Revival (New Edition)

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It is time for Revival. Many are expecting one to break out across our nation, but do you really know what a revival is? In this important and timely book, Michael Marcel answers this question and records many exciting accounts of revivals that we have experienced in the United Kingdom since the Reformation. He looks at the reason why the last revival/awakening in the United Kingdom was in 1949, and the last in England was 1921.  “Prepare for Revival” recommends what strategies we must do to make revival a reality and what we need to do to prepare ourselves for the revival that is coming.



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“Michael Marcel has made himself a student of Revival. His thorough approach to any task, coupled with his passion for Jesus, make this a great resource for anyone seeking and praying for revival. Revival remains the cry of my heart, a cry which was ignited in a Pastor’s House where every Friday night I attended a prayer meeting for Revival, just after I was saved in 1973. It is stirred again as I read. This book will prompt you to prepare and pray for Revival.”
Paul Manwaring

“Michael has tracked Revival over many years and ‘Prepare for Revival’ brings a welcome review of the effects and results of Revival. He has dealt sensitively and insightfully, bringing his experience to bear on the subject. I believe this book is a timely addition to what has already been written and speaks to the issues of this day. Reading through the pages, once again I am inspired to seek a fresh visitation resulting in a time of refreshing and transformation.
Trevor Baker
Senior Leader, Revival Fires, Dudley.

“This is a very timely book and Michael Marcel writes with passion, provoking us to pull down a new Revival through prayer, and as ‘fire igniters’ to go out into the highways and byways to bring in the lost. We must be a generation that walks in Revival and hands over to our children a legacy they can build on.”
Tim Eldridge



“I got into ‘Prepare for Revival’ with high hopes, and I was not disappointed. As a result of digesting your book, I have sought to encourage everyone I meet about the coming revival, and initiated occasional prayer, seeking now something more regular.”


I have read all your books now and they are excellent!   Prophetic and accurate, loving and merciful, compelling and balanced.  What more can I say?  

CWR Today
“This book is an important and welcome contribution to the increasingly vast corpus of materials on revival. Important because it is wide- ranging, thorough and scrupulously researched. Welcome because its author writes out of a ‘heart’ that is, in his own words, ‘for the United Kingdom’… Prepare For Revival is an exciting and encouraging book.”

“When I opened the two packages, I could literally sense the glory of God on them. I felt like God told me to lay my hands on them both. When I did, the power of the Spirit fell on me so hard I was propelled to the ground. I had a fit of violent laughter for over 10 minutes straight! (My little boy was wondering what on earth his mum was doing on the floor!) It was like the wisdom and revelation of those books were being poured into me before I’d even read them! For over twenty minutes, I was under the strong presence of God, and it very powerful.”

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