Hidden Revivals and their Secrets

Hidden Revivals and their Secrets

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This book records the nine most significant revivals/awakenings that took place in the United Kingdom over the last 400 years. It is very important to know the exciting stories of the amazing things God has done in the UK that is part of our spiritual heritage.

Some of them have been kept secret for many years, some reveal spiritual truths lost for a hundred years or more, and others are stil shrouded in myth.

We can be set on fire by reading the stories and wonderful testimonies of people who experienced the power of God. They will excite you and give you a vision of how to light fires of revival in your area!

Published November 2023.


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Your book has had a remarkable impact on my life and i don't think i have felt such a passionate hunger for God for ages. I have experienced so much in my life but this has taken my hunger to a new level - to carry the Fire of God.

Gordon Hickson 



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