God's Heart for a Dying Land

God's Heart for a Dying Land

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The United Kingdom has the greatest Christian heritage of any nation. The foundation of our legal system was based on these Christian beliefs, including the Ten Commandments. Our history is full of men and women of God pursuing the call of the Lord on their lives to change and shape this amazing nation, often opposing tyranny and threats to freedom. In this book, Michael Marcel records much of this story and describes new threats to our freedom brought about through the recent changes to our laws. He shows that when the nation has been in trouble in the past, God’s Heart has been poured out on this land. The Lord has saved us before, and with our help and prayers He will do so again. This book is a strong call to believers across the land to celebrate the past and to once again stand up and call the United Kingdom back into the godly position it once held.

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“These are most challenging times for our nation. The pillars on which this nation was founded are crumbling, none more so than our Judeo-Christian foundation and the values that spring from it presently face an unprecedented attack. The result of this erosion is the sad state of the nation today. God’s solution to this problem is the Church – a praying, vibrant, relevant Church. This book, ’God’s Heart for a Dying Land’, is a passionate cry from the heart of one who yearns to see the Church take its rightful position in today’s society. It is rich in history without being marked by tedium and would be an invaluable resource for anyone who has a burden for the nation and who wants to translate that burden into prayer that brings about lasting change. Whilst all might not agree with all of Michael’s assertions, not many can disagree with his heart, his passion and his burden for the nation. I pray those three attributes will touch you as you read this book.”
Agu Irukwu Senior Pastor, Jesus House for all Nations (RCCG)

“I recommend you read Michael’s book which gives an excellent historical overview of the nation. Intercessors will fi nd the information helpful and timely. Chapter 7 will encourage those who pray for this nation to persevere and not give up. If… we pray… God CAN do it here. Our confi dence is in Him who answers prayer. Matthew 21:22”
Molly Osborne European Co-ordinator, Lydia Fellowship International

“We live in times of great change, challenge and uncertainty. This book is a personal, passionate and provocative sketch of where our society finds itself and the journey that has led us here. It also offers suggestions as to how we can arrive at a better place. Understanding our forgotten heritage is vital in diagnosing society’s present ills and charting a path for the future. In an age where the Church often seems confused as to what her role and message should be, this book is a valuable contribution to the debate. Michael Marcel writes with a searing honesty and conviction that should make every one of us sit up and critically examine what he is saying. Some may agree whole-heartedly, others vehemently disagree, but this is the kind of book that ought not to be ignored.”
Andrea Minichiello Williams Director of Christian Concern for our Nation and the Christian Legal Centre

“It is not everyday you come across a book which peels away the veneer of history to give you a spiritual and social context within which the church can act appropriately. Michael Marcel’s God’s Heart for a Dying Land is a fascinating fact-finder and spiritual resource for every Intercessor, Christian and Church leader. This book will help Christians use the rear mirrors of the past in the drive towards future Transformation. I recommend it for every thinking and prayerful believer.”
Jonathan Oloyede Pastor of City Chapel, Convener of Global Day of Prayer London


“I first read ‘God’s Heart for a Dying Land’ about two years ago and it has been one of those defining books that has shaped my thinking and prayer life over the past couple of years.”

“I have just finished reading your wonderful book ‘God’s Heart for a Dying Land’. I literally could not put it down! I cannot tell you how it has stirred me for this nation.”

“I really enjoyed your latest book – the history was inspiring – thank you.”

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